Onkyo and KAWAI to Unveil a New Hybrid Digital Piano at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2017, Highlighting Another Successful Product Development Partnership

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OSAKA, JAPAN. Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will unveil its NOVUS NV10 Hybrid Digital Piano featuring exclusive Onkyo technologies at Frankfurt Musikmesse, Germany, April 5–8, 2017.

The NOVUS NV10 is testament to close cooperation between the companies and has been under joint development since Onkyo and Kawai Musical Instruments formed a business and capital alliance in November 2015. The hybrid piano leverages Onkyo’s experience as a developer of innovative audio technologies together with Kawai Musical Instruments’ uncompromising approach to piano sound reproduction of utmost integrity and authenticity.

These synergies manifest in a hybrid piano with keyboard action approaching that of an acoustic grand piano—a feat made possible by an original damper pedal—and similarly convincing sound reproduction enhanced by a new DIDRC Filter technology from Onkyo.

Originally developed for its flagship pre-/main stereo amplifiers, DIDRC Filter removes ultra-high-frequency noise inherent to digital sources for smoothness and purity of tone. DIDRC Filter contributes to the warm, rich voice for which the KAWAI brand is globally recognized.

To ensure better immersion for pianists practicing with headphones, the NOVUS NV10 adds an original headphone amplifier module developed by Onkyo that improves sound field localization and soundstaging performance.

Onkyo and Kawai Musical Instruments welcome show visitors to feel the difference at a joint display booth where prototype Onkyo stereo amplifier and loudspeaker with KAWAI piano finish are available to demo. A mini-site goes live at the event to communicate various aspects of the collaboration.

The NOVUS NV10 is the second product developed in partnership and follows the launch of the CS-X1 Digital Piano at Musikmesse 2016.

Onkyo looks forward to ongoing exchange of expertise with Kawai Musical Instruments toward a shared goal of creating quality instruments and hi-fi audio products that put the focus back on music.

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Special Site:  ( from April 5, 2017 )

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