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HDMI interface of my AV receiver does not support 3D

I can not play 3D movies, because the HDMI input of my AV receiver does not support 3D content.

HDMI inputs with 3D support can be found in all current models. Retrofitting of older equipment is unfortunately not possible for technical reasons.

To continue using your existing hardware and at the same time being able to see in 3D with your 3D TV, we recommend the following procedure:

- Attach the 3D-capable Blu-Ray player directly to your 3D-capable TV using the appropriate cable.
- Access the audio of the Blu-Ray either on TV or the Blu-ray Player - and forward it digitally (optical or coaxial digital) to the Onkyo AV receiver.
- Some brands of 3D BD player have twin HDMI outputs, 2nd output allows for HD audio codecs to be played on legacy receivers.

The disadvantage of this configuration is merely the absence of the HD sound formats. Dolby Digital or DTS can be used easily.

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