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Picture quality decreases with source connected via AV receiver in contrast to a direct connection to TV

The image quality appears to be worse when connecting the source to the receiver (even when using a  high-quality HDMI cable), than if the source is connected directly to the TV.


Today's sources( Bluray/HD sat for example), receivers and screens are often equipped with video image processors. This means in practice that multiple devices are capable of, eg converting a standard definition PAL signal to an HD signal at 1080p. Therefore we need to be carefull in how the image is taken from the source and presented on your screen.
The quality of the video signal processor can be very different.

A Blu-Ray player or DVD player for € 100 - will contain a lower quality video signal processor than an AV receiver or player for € 2500 -. Also, the quality of the video signal processors which can be found in TVs and projectors can have a huge effect on how the picture is presented and is as different as the price ranges of the TVs itself
The actual quality of the signal processor can be determined using appropriate test DVD or BD.


1. Find the best video signal processor in the chain in your system by using the available test. This is done by turning off ALL proccessing of any type in the whole video chain, and one by one turn on and test, after testing your video chain you will then discover where the best processing is taking place.
2. Once you have discovered the best solution for your system, make sure all other video processing is shut off In a signal chain, only one video signal processor should be active. If multiple processors are active, it can lead to significant image degradation.
3.Similarly, the "image enhancement tools" special attention needs to be paid to: settings for sharpness, brightness, contrast, color saturation should also be set at only one central device, and even a sense of proportion. Otherwise, it may also be here with incorrect setting a bad image quality result. "

4. Now sit back and enjoy !

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