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Power LED blinks RED - system suddenly switches off (protect mode).

When listening at high volumes, the device turns off suddenly, and the power LED flashes red. In this case the internal protection circuit has interrupted playback (Protect-Mode).

The activation of the protection circuit ("Protect Mode") can have various causes:

- Short circuit on the speaker cable -> Check please all speaker cables, for short circuits ( + & - cables are touching) possibly with an electrical meter to measure impedance/ short circuit (especially check the ends, whether fine copper fibers at the terminals extend to the other poles)

- Speakers defective -> By a burnt voice coil or a defective crossover network, the internal resistance is too low and it runs a too high current (very hard to drive). Please check the speaker.

- Speakers unsuitable -> There are certain exotic speakers with non standard-compliant impedance curve, which trigger the protection circuits of the amplifier (please verify with dealer, does not happen at low volumes).

- Capacity limit of the amplifier reached-> Depending on the source material and connected speakers, the amplifier may reach its performance limits, especially during loud passages. In this case, simply reduce volume or reduce the bass volume, add an other subwoofer

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