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How can I use the Onkyo Wireless USB Adapter UWF-1?

The Onkyo UWF-1 is comparable to a normal USB wireless adapter, but was ​​specifically made for the Onkyo network receiver models of the 2011 and 2012 generations (TX-NR ** 9, TX-NR414 and higher). The UWF-1 works by plugging into the front or rear USB socket (model dependent) to allow you to connect to your wireless network. The UWF-1 gives the same functionality as the hard wire LAN cable.

Because the UWF-1 connects wirelessly to your router it is necessary that you have a compatible wireless router.

 After you have plugged the UWF-1 in the receiver, you still need to identify your wireless network (SSID) and enter your network password. No hidden networks are supported.

The UWF-1 supports the encryption protocols, WPA, WPA2, as well as the automatic setup using WPS.

Please note here the chosen option in your router setup, or the support of your router technology.
You may need to adjust your router configuration to allow connection to the UWF-1.

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