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Can I control all my home theater equipment with the HDMI control?

Basically, yes. ( As long as all components support HDMI- CEC)

The manufacturers that use the protocol ‘CEC’ via the HDMI cable to transfer data for control purposes. In this way, for example, the AV receiver and the Blu-Ray player will be turned on when the TV is turned on at a given input.

Unfortunately, this system is not directly configurable, so that responses can not prevent senseless. (Eg, the TV turns on the radio with a hearing). In addition, vary the device manufacturer these control commands, making it easy to implement advanced functions in connection with the hotel's own devices. For integration of devices from other manufacturers but also can lead to failures or malfunctions.

Because of the diversity of manufacturers and models offered a general statement - "It works with Onkyo TX-NRXXX9" - is not possible, you should consult your dealer about this, who can build the desired combination for you.
There is no guarantee of RIHD supported units will function together.

In the case of a non-meaningful response of the system, you should disable all bus-systems of the participating units (Viera Link, Anynet, RIHD ..), and us the controls manually.

Please also note that in this case, an ARC function via HDMI (audio return feature - the built-in TV sound transmission of the TV tuner) is an AV Receiver) is no longer supported.
You must in this case the TV sound via optical or coax digital audio cable connection.

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