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PS is only stereo (PCM) / Dolby Pro Logic - despite being connected by HDMI.

So you can decode the digital audio receiver Onkyo in its original form, the source connected to output the signal unprocessed.

You can do this by going to the setup of the player, the digital audio output to "direct" or "Bitstream". Only in this setting can the HD sound formats be outputted correctly to the Onkyo receiver.

Please note that PS-3 (slim) is capable of outputting the HD audio soundtracks via bitsream. However the PS-3 (FAT) can only output the core 5.1 soundtrack if this method is selected.

In this case, a PCM multi-channel output signal (this is where the PS-3 decodes the soundtracks), which results in the display "multichannel PCM" in the display of the Onkyo.

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