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Slight noise when Audyssey Dynamic Volume and EQ * (and other DSP modes)

There are basically all Onkyo AV receivers several "listening modes" that are optimally adapted to the specific hearing situations.

Thus, for example, the "Pure Audio" mode for perfect 2-channel audio designed. Here is deliberately on customization of the audio signal in favor of an undistorted sound.

In the home theater mode, the focus is on optimal adjustment of the signal to the room, as well as authentic as possible to the picture film events.

This is achieved by processing the digital audio signal (DSP processing) using software such as Audyssey MultEQ, Dynamic Volume, DTS NEO:X, Dolby Pro Logic IIz, etc..

With the DSP processing, depending on the used equalizer curve there maybe changes to the signal / noise ratio, so is some instances a low level hiss could be heard because there is no soundtrack playing on that channel.

In general, you should consistently ensure the correct playback mode consciously choose the type of content, so that you achieve optimum results.

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