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Can I also use all channels each with xxx W continuous power?

My AV receiver according to the catalog, an output power of 200 W / channel into 6 ohms / 1 kHz / IEC / 1 channel.

Can I also use 9 channels each with 200W continuous power?

The performance figures for amplifiers are only meaningful if the conditions of measurement are specified.
In this case:

Output power: 200W
Completion Resistance: 6 Ohm
THD: 1%
Frequency: 1 kHz
Measurement standard: IEC EN 60 268 / DIN EN 61305-5

In practice, a 1 kHz signal is fed into amplifier to which a load resistor of 6 ohms is connected, the sine wave signal of 1KHz, is increased until  the level of allowable distortion of 1% is achieved . Now the output power is measured.

With AV receivers, in contrast to stereo amplifiers it is usually only one channel that is measured.

A statement about the power output with level control of all channels can not be derived, as it always depends on the interpretation of the power supply and thermal stability of the amplifier.
Since the devices are designed for home use, this service is only available for a short time (several minutes). Then they will be limited to a safe value.

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