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Are there any compatibility problems with Panasonic G10 and V10 series flatscreen TVs?

Several owners of HDMI-equipped Onkyo home cinema receivers, notably the TX-SR607, have reported that they are encountering problems when connecting their products to recently manufactured Panasonic G10 and V10 series flatscreen TVs.  

A joint investigation between Onkyo and Panasonic has concluded this is caused by a firmware incompatibility.

Panasonic will shortly be offering a Firmware Update to solve the problem. Existing owners of G10 and V10 series flatscreen TVs should contact the Panasonic Customer Support Department for further information on obtaining the update.

Tel:        0844 844 3852

Subsequent production of the G10 and V10 series TVs will not be affected by the issue.

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2009-08-20 13:23

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